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Vision correction has become more accessible in recent years, with the invention of night lenses. The use of these lenses can help people that suffer from myopia or nearsightedness see clearly in the dark.

The concept is fairly simple. Lenses are placed inside eye glasses and these lenses are tinted so they can correct vision in low light conditions. They do not need to be removed before sleep at night because they only work in these low light conditions when ambient light is low or when there is no light at all.

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What are Night Lenses?


(OK-therapy) is the only vision correction method that does not require glasses or contact lenses during the day, or resort to surgery in order to have excellent vision

Special Contact Lenses

Special contact lenses for OK therapy are used only during sleep. While we sleep, our cornea adapts to the lenses until our vision is completely corrected. When we wake up, we take off our lenses and can see well all day.

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Why Night Lenses?

No more glasses or day lenses. No need for laser surgery. Confidence. Less hassles.

Whether it’s being able to see underwater, play sports without rain splattered specs or the fear of losing your lens, working without dry eyes or irritation from dust and dirt, controlling your child’s myopia (short sight), gaining confidence. Pick your reason below:


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Highly Trained Doctors

Night lenses are a more convenient and comfortable option for many people who need corrective eyewear. If you’re considering wearing night lenses, it’s important to find a doctor near you who specializes in night lens fittings and who can answer your questions and address your needs.

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How Night Lenses Work

Orthokeratological lenses (OK-lenses) are a method based on the use of special gas-permeable contact lenses that are worn exclusively during sleep. Under the precisely calculated impact of the lens, the corneal epithelium (its surface layer) changes its shape overnight. The impact of the lens is minimal and not harmful to the eye, however, it is sufficient for the refractive power of the cornea to change by the required amount after sleep, and the visual acuity becomes close to or equal to 100%. This effect lasts all day and gradually fades over several days. Sleeping in lenses does not cause discomfort.


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