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If you’re a crossfit ninja, gym junkie, runner, home exercise hero, spin master, workout wonder … whatever you do, you know that hard energetic workouts + sweat + glasses / contact lenses don’t mix. Take your glasses off and you can’t see, keep your lenses in and they might dislodge or sting …

Imagine a world where you can just go for it, with 100% clear sight and nothing in your eyes. Exercise in complete freedom with no worries about the thing in your eye or the glasses on your face. You can just change, shower, socialise afterwards without having to pack the specs away, remember where they are or endure those steaming up moments as you walk past warm areas.

Speaking of which, if your gym has a sauna, steam room or jacuzzi, imagine just enjoying the moment without worrying about your lenses … deciding to take a dip in the pool and opening your eyes underwater. When was the last time you opened your eyes underwater without goggles on and could see clearly?

If you’re -5.00 dioptre, night lenses are an option for you. Imagine no more. That world will become your reality.