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Night lenses are a lens that you put in before you go to bed, the magic happens naturally while you sleep, wake, remove, perfect sight, leave the house. Nothing in your eyes or on your face. That’s right, no need for daytime contact lenses or glasses to see. Freedom.


Open your eyes under water. Never worry about your lens falling out on the pitch or being affected by dust, grit, sand or makeup. No dry eyes from screen stare or long shifts. No broken specs. Beach holidays, watersports, family time – all transformed. Confident teens, no more sitting at the front of the class. Dating inhibitions gone, unlock your inner tiger! Just… be you…

Take a second to imagine leaving the house tomorrow being able to see perfectly but without your lenses in or glasses on. Imagine how you will feel. Free…

Previously only possible with eye surgery, a terrifying and irreversible prospect for many.