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If you normally wear daytime lenses or glasses then imagine a summer holiday where you simply wake up, pop your night lenses out, have perfect sight and then … enjoy your holiday … with nothing in your eyes or on your face. No glasses or daytime lenses. Jump into the pool on a whim, no prescription goggles. Open your eyes under water to find where the kids are to knock them off their lilo. Dive around on the beach or make sandcastles on a windy day not worried about getting sand in the lens. Get a surprise dunking in the sea without drama. No suncream sweats on your lens, lost glasses or sweaty glasses slipping down your nose.

Winter holidays with clear free vision, suanas and hot tubs with free eyes, adventure holidays without the risk of broken glasses or a dislodged or lost lens.

Just, normality. 100% fun, no hassles.