Life changing confidence & convenience

Our night lens users say they never believed they can spend day as a normal person ever in their lives. One of our student customers told when I start going school I already was nervous and defensive because I was not able to play many outdoor games. Night lenses gave meconfidence, freedom to play every sport. Opticians told teenagers, mostly girls, who would come to see them wearing glasses with their heads down but return for their night lens check up with their head held high, brimming with confidence. Ditching specs, for those who are self conscious about them or who are held back by them in sports (take them off and can’t see properly), messing around with their mates (they fall off, break) or with Covid and masks, the dreaded steaming up … is like throwing the shackles off.

Freedom from glasses or day lenses achieved with night lenses is often the key to unlocking an inner confidence people didn’t realize they had.



What are night lenses?



How do night lenses works?