Myopia Control

Night lenses are proven to control Myopia (short sight) in young people and children.

Myopia in children is a disease, not a condition

Myopia is a medical condition that can lead to serious vision problems. The world in which we live today is filled with a great visual load: computers, tablets and phones have become an integral part of our daily life. As a result, about half of the population of Europe, including Russia, suffers from myopia, and this figure is even higher among students in gymnasiums and lyceums. In the states of Southeast Asia, the number of myopic is close to 90%.


Myopia can have complications if left unchecked

A short-sighted eye is an eye that sees poorly because it cannot focus. The eye with myopia is excessively stretched in length. Because of this, dystrophic changes develop in the membranes of the eye: tears and detachment of the retina, myopic maculopathy (damage to the central zone of the retina). These processes can lead to irreversible loss of vision, when any correction is powerless, or even blindness. Recent European studies have shown that if a child at 10 years old has slight myopia, in 11% of cases by the age of twenty he may develop high myopia (6.0 diopters and above). Of these children, 2.3% may become visually impaired (for girls, this probability is 1.5 times higher). In Russia, myopia ranks third in the structure of visual disability (in 2012 – 23.3%), at the same time, the number of people with disabilities for this disease is steadily growing. Therefore, it is very important to care for and control myopia in children to prevent its progression. Myopia usually progresses between the ages of 6 and 20, and only during this period can we intervene and slow down this process.

The good news is that the amount of Myopia can now be reduced in children. The chart below shows how EARLY CONTROL should help your child see better over their lifetime, reducing their risk of eye disease later in life.

TRAFFIC LIGHTS & YOUR CHILD (on the chart above)

RED – High myopia. Vital to get early control
AMBER – Moderate myopia. Green zone possible
GREEN – This is where we are aiming for



What are night lenses?



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