Why Choose Night Lenses | Short sight correction

Many people who wear night lenses say that the confidence boost they get with no lens in their eyes or glasses on their face is incredible. Especially those who have worn glasses since childhood and know no different. Opticians often say how teenagers, mostly girls, who would come to see them wearting glasses with their heads down, return for their night lens check up with their head held high, brimming with confidence. Ditching specs, for those who are self conscious about them or who are held back by them in sports (take them off and can’t see properly), messing around with their mates (they fall off, break) or with Covid and masks, the dreaded steaming up … is like throwing the shackles off.

Freedom from glasses or day lenses achieved with night lenses is often the key to unlocking an inner confidence people didn’t realise they had.

Sports confidence

Oisin, rugby player:
With rugby I have to be observant, to see what it happening on the pitch, which was really difficult when I couldn’t see across the pitch or who the players were! It’s really useful to be able to see and improves my game massively. To improve I needed lenses or sports glasses. Sports glasses weren’t for me and I didn’t like the idea of losing a lens or getting dirt in my lens during a match. Night lenses are perfect.

Body confidence

Unnamed parent of a 15 year old boy (their son would be mortified to read this and his mates would have a field day!):
We noticed almost immediately how he came out of himself without glasses. He was never a vain lad and still isn’t, but he has started to consider his appearance a bit more rather than hide away. We also noticed when he was sitting on a seat waiting for us at the shopping centre how a girl his age started to flirt with him! He didn’t notice, but we loved it. No glasses, great sight and the normality of no hassles and he is blooming. We’re really proud of him.



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