Clearly Smart

Unique design for customizing scleral lenses

Clearly Smart

The only scleral lenses that are not only approved for use on the territory of the Russian Federation, but are also developed in Russia.

Innovation of the Year 2021

Clearly Smart is the winner of the prestigious national optical prize “Golden Lornet”, awarded for achievements in the promotion of new technologies, eye health and professional services in the market of optical goods and services in the Russian Federation in the “Innovation of the Year” nomination.

Fully customized lenses

The lens design is fully adapted to the parameters of the eye. This ensures perfect vision when other corrections are ineffective.

Design flexibility

Individual calculation of options and their implementation in the Okey Vision laboratory at your request (direct communication with laboratory specialists).

Lens characteristics

  • Material: Contamac Optimum Extra / Extreme / Infinite
  • Manufacturing method: turning
  • Oxygen permeability coefficient Dk: 100, 125, 180
  • Color: colorless, pink (for lenses from a diagnostic kit or trial)

It is possible to order lenses with parameters:

  • Optical power: -20.0 to +20.0 D (0.25 D step)
  • Base curvature: 6.4 to 9.0 mm (0.05 mm step)
  • Diameter: 14.2 to 16 mm (0.2 mm step)
  • Cylinder: -0.5 to -5.0 D (0.25 D step)
  • Cylinder axis: 0 ° to 180 ° (1 ° step)

Changing the edge:

  • Steep 1, 2, 3, 4 (30 μm step)
  • Flat 1, 2, 3, 4 (30 μm step)

Stabilization methods:

  • Toric periphery (in 4 quadrants)
  • Prism
  • D4D
  • Wearing mode: day
  • Replacement period: 1 year


Change in central clearance

Limbal clearance change

Changing the optical zone.
Reduction of the central
clearance to 230 microns