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Night lenses are the new invention everyone is talking about, especially in the watersports sector. Glasses and contact lenses simply don’t mix with water. They especially don’t work if you’re engaged in a watersport that suddenly slams you at mach 3 into the water during a wipeout, turning your eyelids inside out or which is very splashy on your glasses or onto your lenses causing your loss of sight at the worst possible moment.

Imagine having a lens you pop in at night before you go to sleep and which you take out first thing in the morning to give you perfect sight. No need for glasses or daytime lenses during the day or indeed laser eye surgery if you think that’s you’re only option. And then off you go to the water to swim, sail, surf, carve, jump … and yes wipeout, roll, flip, capsize, get munched … with nothing in your eyes. Being able to open your eyes underwater or in the shower after and not having to worry about being out to sea without your specs or losing a lens into the deep blue.

Sounds too good to be true?