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If you wear daytime contact lenses and your job involves dust / sawdust / grit / sand or powders flying around, nicking villains with parva spray or other irritants that are regularly in the air around you, then you know how uncomfortable working conditions can be and why night lenses might be the right solution for you.

Similarly, if you get dry eyes from long periods staring at screens, shift work, air conditioning or other factors related to your job, the option of being able to see clearly whilst having nothinbg in your eye must be unimaginable.

As for glasses steaming up with your Covid mask, falling off at the wrong moment or constantly having to be cleaned, stored or looked after … well, those days can also come to an end.

If you are short sighted with under -5.00 dioptre, night lenses are the invention everyone is talking about that may change your life.